How to apply free pan card instantly on online in mobile

Hi dude, welcome to our Pixabin Official blog. Let see how to apply for a free pan card instantly download this article. 

This is very quick and easy method to download your pan card instantly form Official and Safest Method. let's see how to apply and download pancard instantly on below 👇

What is Pan Card?

Pan Card is an identity card with a ten digit permanent account number issued by the Income Tax Department of India. 

This is an application issued in the form of a “Ban Card” laminated by the Income Tax Department of India, which is applied to any “person” or assigned without that department number. 

It is also easily available in PDF file format. Let's see how to download this for free in PDF format.

Usage of Pan card in India?

  • IT Returns Filing 
  • Identity Proof 
  • Tax Deductions 
  • Claiming Income Tax Refund 
  • Starting a Business 
  • Opening a Bank Account 
  • Opening Demat Account 
  • Purchase & Sale of Immovable Assets 
  • Foreign Travel 
  • Time Deposit 
  • Hotel and Restaurant Bills 
  • Cash Cards and Pre-Paid Instruments 
  • Purchase or Sale of Goods and Services 
  • Bank Drafts, Pay Orders and Banker’s Cheque

How to Apply Free Pan Card On Online?

  • Step 1: First hit the "Apply on Online" Button on Below
  • Step 2: Now you Can Automatically Redirect to the Official Page of the Income Tax Department
  • Step 3: Now Scroll the Page and Go to Our Services Section
  • Step 4: Now Click the "Instant E-PAN" Option( you can not see the "Instant E-PAN" Option Please Click the "Show More" Button on Our Services. )
  • Step 5: Now you can redirect to Another Page
  • Step 6: you see Two Options "Get New e-PAN" and "Check Status / Download Pan" on Instant E-PAN Page
  • Step 7: Now Click the "Get New e-PAN" Option. After Click this "Get New e-PAN" Option you can Redirect to Another Page,
  • Step 8:  Now you can see Four sections to Apply for an Instant Pan Card. 

How to Solve Four Section

First Section - Enter Aadhaar Number

  1. Enter your 12 digits Aadhaar Card Number on Required Field
  2. Next, Click the Check box "I confirm that"
  3. Next, click the "Continue" button. 

Second Section - OTP Validation

  1. Now you can see Some Terms on the OTP Validation Page. Click the Check box "I have read the consent terms and agree to proceed further"
  2. Click the Continue Button.
  3. Now you can get OTP on your Aadhaar Registered Mobile Number. 
  4. Enter OTP on Required Field on OTP Validation
  5. Again Click the Check box below
  6. And click the Continue Button.

Third Section - Validate Aaadhaar Details

  1. Now you can see your All Aadhaar Details.
  2. Check once to all Aadhaar Details are Correct.
  3. Now Enter your Email Id on Required Field (you already register your E-mail on your Aadhaar - Do not Care About This. Website was Automatically Detect your E-mail Address. )
  4. Now click the Check Box  "I accept that"
  5. And, click the Continue Button.
  6. Now you see one popup Window on your Page for E-mail Validation
  7. Click Validate button on popup Window
  8. Now OTP was ended to Entered Email Address. go to your E-mail account and Copy your OTP.
    1. Paste the OTP on Required Field.
    2. Now click the "Continue"  button.

    Fourth Section - Select & Update PAN Details

    1. You can see "Your Request for e-PAN has been submitted successfully"
    2. Now you can see the "Go To Login" Button. Click this button on the "Select & Update PAN Details" Section. 
    3. now this page was redirected to Starting Page.
    4. Your Instant Pan Card is Ready in 10 minutes. For more Info on how to download pan card please Click Here

    👇Official Link for Apply Pan Card👇

    Apply Pan Online Click Here

    How to Download Instant Pan Card?

    • Now you go to this Starting Page
    • Next, Open the "Check Status / Download PAN" Option
    • Now you Can see Three Sections. 

    First Section- Enter Aadhaar Number

    1. Enter your Aadhaar Section and Click the Continue Button

    Second Section - OTP Validation

    1. OTP Send to your Registered Mobile Number on Required Field.

    Third Section - Check Status / Download PAN

    1. You can see Your pan Card Status
    2. And, you can download your Pan Card PDF on This Page.

    Final Words?

    We are hope this information is helps to apply and download pancard instantly form Official website. If you want more information like this please follow my blog on Google News.

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