How to add Custom Google Font on Blogger Website for free


Hi dude, let see how To Add Custom Google Font on Blogger Website. We think you will be confused as to what Google Fonts are. If you want to add these Google Fonts to your website‌ you need to add some additional files to your website. But this is not useless in any way. This can be very useful. It helps a lot in designing your website.

That means you can design your website to your liking and use it to design attractive and beautiful websites. You can not design your website beautifully without adding Google Fonts - Ink to your website. That means your website will look unattractive.

Using this you can control all the fonts on your website. That means you can design the title, sub-title, page title, page sub-title, page characters, and many more characters on your website.

What is Google Fonts?

Google Font is a free font design provided by Google. It is used to change the styles of characters on your website. Many web designers today use Google fonts to design their websites.

Google Fonts also helps many startup website owners to design their websites. This Google font is 100 percent secure because it gives you Google. So you do not need to worry about using this on your website. You can use this on your website without any fear.

Google font is a must-have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program. So it is very important to install this on your website. Now we will see below how to install Google font on your website.

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How to add Custom Google Font on Blogger Website Step by Step

Step 1: First Go to login Your Blogger Account

Step 2: Go to Theme Section

Step 3: Click Edit Html on Theme Section

Step 4: now Search <head> Tag on your theme Section

Step 5: Copy the Below Script and Paste it Below on the <head> tag.

<link rel="preconnect" href=""/>
<link rel="preconnect" href="" crossorigin/>
<link href="" rel="stylesheet"/>

Step 6: Now Search ]]></b:skin> tag and Copy below Css Script on your Dashboard

Step 7: Paste the Script Above on ]]></b:skin> tag

Step 8: Do not forget to Save the Template

/* For Changing font of heading */
h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6{font-family: 'Baloo 2', cursive;

Step 9: Well Done! All steps Are Finished.

Additional Method For You

Step 1: Go to Your Blogger Account.

Step 2: Go to the Theme Section on your blogger account.

Step 3: Click Edit Html on the theme Section.

Step 4: Search <head/> tag and copy below Script on your Dashboard.

Step 5: Paste this Script Above On <head/> Tag.

@import url('');

Step 6: Save the Template

Step 7: Well Done. you Finished All Steps Successfully.

Final Words

Friends this (Article How to add Custom Google Font on Blogger Website for free) is finished on this Step. We hope this Contact page Script will be very helpful for your website. If you encounter any problem with this Contact page Script please let us know in the comment below. Our website always needs your support. So please share this blog as much as possible. And follow this website on Google News.

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