Google Adsense Approval Tricks for WordPress and Blogger

Hi Buddies, I hope you are all fine. today we are sharing interesting things about Google AdSense instant approval on your Blog. yes, today's topic is How to Get Instant Google Adsense Approval Tricks. A lot of website owners thinking about how to get one or two days' instant approval from Google Adsense. but it's not easy.

because most beginning Website owners do not follow Google Adsense rules. so, today we talk about this point. if you are a new blogger or WordPress website owner and want to know how to get instant approval from google AdSense then follow this article "Google Adsense Approval Tricks".

Many more people try to apply for AdSense approval without any basic Knowledge and the basic process. it is the reason for rejecting your site every time by google Adsense. I am sure after reading this article "Google Adsense Approval Tricks" your site will get Adsense approval.

You can not earn money from Google Adsense if you do not have an active website. most bloggers and YouTubers' primary earning source is Google Adsense.

Google Adsense is high paying ad Serving network in the world. Google Adsense helps to earn money for bloggers and youtube. Normally, google AdSense is Paying Money on your website ad click and Ads Impressions.

List of Google Adsense Approval Tricks

If you want to get instant Google Adsense Approval Tricks, then you read below and follow the below Google Adsense Approval Tricks steps

1) Design your Site Perfectly

Do you want Adsense approval? you need one website for applying Google Adsense. if you already have a website, first check the layouts and redesign User-Friendly Layouts. you have managed your site on blogger then you do more works compared to the WordPress website. we Recommended creating a website on the WordPress Platform. because WordPress helps many ways to design your website perfectly compared to a blogger. 90% of bloggers did not get the Knowledge of Coding. So, we always suggest WordPress create the website.

And the most important thing is your website design looks user-friendly. and remove All unwanted ad containers and unwanted links. You do not make any errors on your Website Design because web design is more than important for Adsense approval.

2) Create Basic Pages on your Website

After creating Your website you need to create some important and Basic Pages. It makes your website looks Professional and Trustable. the Pages are,

  • Privacy Policy Page
  • Terms and Conditions Page
  • Disclaimer Page
  • Sitemap Page
  • Contact Us Page
  • About Us Page

Google Adsense rejected many more bloggers' approvals for can not add basic Pages. you can create this page easily to WordPress Dashboard. because these pages are important to google Adsense Approval. if you already make basic pages to your site homepage. and add all page links on the website footer section. It helps you get instant approval.

3) Create Quality Contents

You have completed more than 1 and 2 steps not once. These steps will help make your website even more lifelong. If you want to get Adsense approval on the first try. You will consider your website posts. You cannot upload quality content to your website. Google Adsense easily rejects your ad request. So, creating quality content means creating your article with more than 500 words from your blog. One more important thing is not to copy from other websites. You will create your own content. Quality content is critical to Google AdSense approval.

you can create 15 or 20+ Quality content for Applying Google Adsense.

4) Don’t Publish Copyrighted Content

One of the Most Important things is please do not use Copyrighted content from another Website. copyrighted content can affect your Website Ranking and your site not will be Approved by Google Adsense.

Copyrighted content Means do not the Same topic Content. you can see more than websites on the same Topic on google search. But the content and Writing Styles and pictures are Different from other Sites. so it's not copied content.

Copyrighted content Means you can make an Article Exactly the Same as Another article, Then this is copyrighted Content. For Example "Music Lyrics sites and movie story " is a perfect example of a Copyrighted site.

Show you do not Create Copyrighted Content On your Website.

5) Write articles with supported Languages

You do not use Google Adsence not approved Languages on your Website. and you write any only one Language on your website. yes, avoid writing different language on your blog. this is not a problem because this makes Delay your Adsence Approval time. So, we suggest please check at least one time on your language google is Support or not. mostly Google Adsence Supports Hindi and Other Indian Languages.

6) Use Your Own Images with ALT Tags

You want to Makes Attractive Article and User Friendly you want to add Pictures with ALT Tag on your Website. because google does not read your images. but google read the images, ALT Tag, on the website. this helps to improve your Ranking and Google understand about your website. So, you have added ALT tags on your all web images.

The second thing You do not Use Copyrighted Images on your website. it's maybe affected your Ranking on Google Searches.

Also, It improves Your Image Seo on your Website. ALT text is always helped to rank images first in google image search results.

7) Don’t Write illegal content on Blog

Your blog Contain any illegal Content (Adult Content, Misguidelines, Promote terrorism, violence) like this. Therefore google 100 percent rejects your Site. So, you Can not Make money from Google Adsense.

So, You check your website to contain any illegal content on your Website. and Remove the Illegal Articles on your website. Apply after getting Organic Views

8) Apply after getting Organic Views

Above Steps not a primary Requirement of Google Adsence. the google Adsence Primary Requirement your website gets More Organic View (Search Results) on, After you get the Organic On your Website i.e. After Getting 40-50 Organic Views Per Article Submit your Site on Google AdSense.

9) Don’t make any changes after applying for AdSense

Do not Make any Changes on your site after you submit your website to Google Adsense. Beyond that, Google Adsence will reject your website if you make any changes to your Site.

So, do not make any changes to your site while Google Adsence is checking your site. if you wish google AdSense can make the necessary changes after authorizing your site.

10) Publish content during Adsense Verification

If you do not post any new posts on your site after you submit your website to Google Adsense, Google Adsense will take longer to recognize your site. so you post new posts while your site is in Verification on Google Adsence. this will speed up the verification time of your site.

So here are 2 things you need to keep in mind in this step

  • You do not have to make any changes to your site. This means that you should not change your site's theme, post, layout, etc. During Verification.
  • New Posts Should be posted During Verification

Final Words

These are the must-follow steps for Google Adsense Approval Tricks for WordPress and Blogger. I hope these Google Adsense Approval tricks will help you. One more important thing keeps support on my website and Share this Article.

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