How to create safelink page or Download Protector Page script for blogger | Manual

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What is Safelink Page?

Safelink page is a page that helps implicitly provide links to your website so that no one can see them. This Safelink page can provide downloaded files to the user. Thus you will increase huge revenue through your website. This Safelink Feature is used on most websites today.

This Safelink page how Works?

Using this Safelink page This link will take the user to the Safelink page when your website user clicks on the encrypted URL of this Safelink page when you use it on your blogger website. Next, the time you set up will appear on the Safelink page. 

A button will appear when the time is up. When this user clicks the button, they will immediately scroll to the end of the Safelink page and a hidden-button will appear at the end of the page. 

Once the user clicks this button the user will go to the link you want.

Usage of Safelink Page

  • Give a way to provide your Download Links.
  • Hide your download Link to users.
  • User stays maximum time on your blogger Website.

Pros and Cons on Safelink Page

This Safelink Script Was Comes with Many Advantages and Disadvantages. So, Please Read Pro and Cons and Consider to Uses thIS Safelink Script.


  • Increase your Revenue
  • Gives a way to Download Page
  • Increase your Bounce Rate
  • Optimize your CTR
  • Increase your ad Clicks
  • Base 64 Url Encryption
  • Users can not Get Link on your Safelink Page Url


  • Some time Affect your Adsense Account ( Follow the Safelink Recommendation you Can not Get this Problem)
  • You Need one Tool to Encrypt Url 👉(Base64 Url Decoder)
  • This is 50% Manual Safelink Page Script (Not a Big Worry)

Safelink Page Setup Recommendation 

  • You can add Two many of Ads, this Action Affects your Adsense Account.
  • Do not use the Empty safelink Page. at least use a minimum of 1000 letters of Content on your Safelink Page.
  • Use timer range less Than 15 Seconds
  • One uses 4 Ads with 1000 Words Content on your Safelink Page.
  • Do not Edit the Safelink page on Continuously (Highly Recommended)
  • Safelink Tutorial on Single Page

    In this section, we are going to look at how to set up your safelink page on your blogger website. The safelink page will not work properly if the contents of this section are not done correctly.

    Video Guide 👇

    If you want to Download this Safelink Page Script Place hit the Download Page on Below. And Download On your Hand.

    👇👇 Download Link Here 👇👇

    Download Now Download Demo

    How its Setup Safelink Page on Blogger

    • Open your Blogger Admin Dashboard
    • Next, Go to Page Section and Create New Page ( Give Page name on "Safelink")
    • Next, Copy the hole Script on Downloaded File
    • Paste the Script on your Safelink Page

    How to create a Safe link Url?

    First, take your safelink page URL
    Next, paste ?url= tag on Safelink Url
    Next, Paste your Encrypted URL using the URL Encoder tool
    • Red part is your Safelink Page Url
    • Yellow Part is Safelink Function
    • Green Part is Encrypted Url
    Now your Link is like this👇

    Custom Modification

    1. You can see this (https://www.pixabin/p/safelink.html) link to two Areas. Replace this (https://www.pixabin/p/safelink.html)  Link to your Safelink page URL.
    2. If you want to Change the Download timer Timing. place Edit var time = 5;  Section.

    Password 👇

    If you want to Safelink page script Zip File Password. Please follow the below steps.

    • Copy the Below Encoded Text 
    • Next, Click the "Password Decoder" Button in below on encrypted text Section.
    • Now you Got Password Decoder Link. Click and Go to Password Decoder Tool paste the Encoded text on Password Decoder tool now you Got Orginal Password

    Password Decoder Our Telegram Chennal

    Go to our telegram group and directly type " pass " correct without any spelling mistakes to get a password decoder immediately

    Thank you!!!

    Final Words

    We hope this article "How to create safelink page or Download Protector Page script for blogger | Manual " is helping to create a safelink page on your blogger website. If you like this article and if you want more articles like this article. Please follow my blog on Google News. Thank you for Reading!!!

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