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Adsense Invalid Clicks Protector

Hi Dude, let see " Adsense Invalid Clicks Protector " in this article. In this blog, we are going to look at Google Adsense Invalid Click and how to prevent it from coming. This Google Adsense Invalid issue is a big issue for many people today. So let’s see below how to protect this.

What is Adsense Invalid Click?

Adsense Invalid Click is the number of clicks on Google Adsense ads on your website. If this continues, ads on your website will be suspended for the first few days. Thus your Adsense revenue will go away in a few days.

There are many reasons why this issue is placing too many ads on your website, like the ads on your website yourself. We think you need to know Google Adsense terms to know about these terms. Because Google keeps changing its terms. You need to keep the site flexible at all times.

Few tips for protecting Invalid Clicks

  • Do not share your website link on Social Media like Whatsapp, Facebook, etc...
  • Do not add maximum ads on your posts
  • Avoid to use floating ads on your website
  • Use auto ads on your website with medium level
  • You do not click your website ads
  • Use top browser to check your website.

What Is Adsense Invalid Clicks Protector?

Adsense Invalid Click Protector is a tool that displays the display time of all Adsense ads on your website.

This protects your Google Adsense account from unwanted clicks. This is a must-have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program. Because you keep the ads at the button.

How it Works?

Now let's see how this Adsense Invalid Click Protector works. This prevents users from frequently clicking on ads on your website. You can change this interval to your liking. This is how it works. Also works best only on Google Adsense.


  • Protect your AdSense account
  • Optimize your ads on your website
  • Ads do not Distrip your website visitors


  • You can get a medium level of income from Google Adsense.
  • Google Adsense does not show continuously.

You can want to this Adsense Invalid Clicks Protector Script please hit the Download Button and Download the Script on your Website.

Guide for Install This Script on your Website

Adsense Invalid Clicks Protector - Blogger Guide

Step 1: Go to your Blogger Dashboard

Step 2: Open "Theme Section" and Select Edit HTML Option

Step 3: Click CTRL+F and Find <head> Tag.

Step 4: Copy the given script on the Downloaded file in your Dashboard

Step 5: Paste script below on <head> Tag.

Step 6: Save the Change And Adsense Invalid Click Protector is Ready to Protect your Adsense

Adsense Invalid Clicks Protector - WordPress Guide

Step 1: Log in to your WordPress Dashboard

Step 2: Click Appearance Section and Select Theme Editor Option

Step 3: Next Search Header.php section On Theme Editor

Step 4: Now Search <head> Tag on header.php

Step 5: Copy the Given Script on the Downloaded file and paste below on <head> Section

Step 6: Save all Changes

Step 7: Adsense Invalid Clicks Protector is Ready to Protect.

Alternative Method For WordPress (Recommended)

Step 1: Login Your WordPress Dashboard

Step 2: Go to Plugin Section and Select Add New

Step3: Now Search Tag Manager Plugin And Install The Plugin

Step 4: Active The Plugin and Open Plugin Dashboard

Step 5: Now you Can see the header, footer, and body tags on the tag manager Dashboard

Step 6: Next, paste the script Download script on <Head> Tag Section

Step 7: Do not Forget Click Insert/Update Tags Button

Final Words

In our opinion, this tool is not always needed for your website. Because if you need this tool we think you are making some mistakes on your website.

This means that you will often encounter this problem only if you multiply more ads on the website and click on the ads on your website more often yourself.

So managing your website according to Google Adsense guidelines will not result in any loss to your Adsense account.

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