How to fix Low-value Content on Google Adsense

fix Low-value Content on Google Adsense

You will be from keeping a website on blogger or WordPress site. Adsense is a great choice for you to make money through that website. But if you want to make money on your website with Adsense your website must have certain qualifications.

Adsense will reject websites that do not meet those requirements. Google Adsense shows many reasons for that. One of them is the rejection reason for "Low-Value Content". There are many reasons why your website may be rejected because of its low-value content.

This low-value content error causes many websites to be rejected by Adsense. So below we can see the reasons for this Low-Value Content error and how to fix it.

Reasons for low-value content and solutions

Reason 1: The number of posts on your website is low.

Solution 1: Upload at least 20 or more posts on your website and then re-apply your website on Adsense. But Google Adsense asks for 50 posts

Reason 2: Use copyrighted content in any one or multiple posts on your website.

Solution 2: You can review all the posts on your website, delete or rewrite the copyrighted content and then try Adsense.

Reason 3: The number of words in one or more posts on your website is low.

Solution 3: Find posts with fewer words and rewrite those posts with less than 600 words or delete posts with fewer words and create new posts with more than 600 words instead and re-apply in Adsense.

Final words:

We hope that the above information will help you avoid the issue of Low-Value Content when your website is under review in your Adsense. If you like this information then follow our Pixabin website on Google News. Leave your comments in the comment box below.

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