How to Fix the Ads.txt Error on Google Adsense

Hi Dude, Welcome to Pixabin Blog. Let us see how to fix the Ads.txt Error on Google Adsense Account. this is not a big problem. but this is not a simple matter. you want to defiantly Fix this Error. you do not fix this Ads.txt error you can lose the maximum level of income from your Adsense Account. If you want to Fix this Ads.txt Error please read more Sections on this Article.

What is Google Adsense Ads.txt File

Google Adsense ads.txt or Authorized Digital Sellers may be used by advertising agencies (for example Google Adsense) to help those companies recognize the ads displayed on your website. This means that Google Adsense ads.txt is an IAB Tech initiative. Adding this Adsense ads.txt file to your website gives you more control over who is advertising your website. 

Also, it prevents you from placing fake ads on your website. Google Adsense strongly recommends you add the ads.txt file to your website.

How its Works Adsense Ads.txt File

The Google Adsense ads.txt file is used to measure who gets the ads you show on your website. This will help you determine the number of ads displayed on your website and accurately measure your revenue.

Usage of Google Adsence Ads.txt File

  • Ads.txt can help determine the number of ads displayed on your website.
  • You can find out who is getting the ads displayed on your website
  • Prevent counterfeit ads from being displayed.
  • Your website correctly displays huge revenue through advertising.

How to Download Ads.txt file Easily

  • Sign in to your Google Adsense Account
  • Now you can see Ads.txt error Alert
  • Click Fix Now button On Error Alert
  • Click the Download Button. your Ads.txt File is Automatically Downloaded
  • Done!!!

How to Create Google Ads.txt File Manually

  • Copy the below Text
  • Now you want to Change pub-0000000000000000 to Your Google Adsense Publisher ID
  • Done!!!, pub-0000000000000000, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

How to add Custom Google AdSense Ads.txt File on Blogger

Blogger platform gives a direct way to add Google Adsense Ads.txt File.
  • Go to your blogger admin Dashboard
  • Next, Open the "Settings" Section and Find  Monetisation Section
  • Now you can see the "Enable Custom Ads.txt" Option 
  • Enable  "Enable Custom Ads.txt" Option
  • Next Copy your Google Adsense Ads.txt and Paste the ads.txt file on the "Custom Ads.txt" Area
  • Click Save Button and your Done All Steps!

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How to add Custom Google AdSense Ads.txt File on WordPress

You can easily add Adsense Ads.txt files on WordPress using Plugin. But one efficient Way is there. we are highly Recommended this way. 
  • First, open your Web hosting  Admin dashboard (Not WordPress Admin Dashboard)
  • Login to your C-panel and Open your File Manager
  • Now open "public_html" on folder
  • Next, go to your google Adsence account and Download Google Adsense Ads.txt File
  • Next, Directly Upload the Ads.txt file on your "Public_html" Folder
  • Done!

Video Guide For WordPress 👇

Final Words

We hope this article helps to add Google ads.txt file. You are like this information and if you want more information like this please follow my blog on Google News. Thank you for Reading!!!

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