How to Create Bootable Pendrive Using Command Prompt on Windows

Create Bootable Pendrive Using Command Prompt on Windows

Hi Friends, Let's see how to create a Create Bootable Pendrive on your Windows PC or Computer. This Bootable Drive is mostly helping to Operating System Installation on your PC and Laptops.

Bootable Pendrive is Also used in many software-related works like Password cracking, Operating System Repairing and Etc. So, if you want to create any Bootable Pendrive on your Computer just follow this Blog.

What is Bootable USB Pendrive?

Bootable USB Flash Drive is a Drive that is used to boot up a system file for the install the OS (Operating System). A USB Drive Can Create Bootable Pendrive Using Command-Prompt that have only for windows 10, windows 8, windows 8.1, windows 10 operating systems. you can create Bootable Pendrive easily on the windows operating system using Command Prompt.

Why do you need a Bootable USB?

The Bootable USB Pendrive is used for much more software Related Works. This Bootable USB is most Important to the system failure, Virus Attacks, driver failures, starting problems, partition failures, boot failure, OS Installation, and system recovery. You can also use a bootable USB Drive to Upgrade windows os.

Uses of Bootable USB USB Drive

  • Emergency system Boot
  • System Recovery to Repair the computer
  • Store Operating Systems
  • Upgrade old operating system to new operating system
  • Used to a temporary operating system on your Computer

Create Bootable USB Pendrive Step by Step

Step 1: First insert Your Normal USB Flash Drive (Pendrive) on Your PC.

Step 2: Once Format the Your Pendrive

Step 3: Next, Type the "Command Prompt " on the Search bar in Dashboard

Step 4: Now you see Command Prompt Menu and open a Command Prompt as an Administrator.

Step 5: Next type" diskpart " and Click Enter Key on Command Prompt.

Step 6: Now Command Prompt Shows All Drives on Computer. Find the Your USB Flash Drives Disk Number or alphabet letters

Step 7: Next, Type "Select disk X" and Click Enter Key on the Comment Prompt. X is the USB Flash drives number or USB Flash drives letter.

Step 8: Next, Type the "clean" and Click Enter. This step Erase All Data on your USB Flash Drive.

Step 9: Next, Type " create partition primary "and click enter key now your USB Pendrive is a new primary partition

Step 10: you have created a partition just now, next to Type "select partition 1" and then click enter key

Step 11: To Format the partition, Now type " format fs=ntfs quick "on Command Prompt, And then Click enter key

Step 12: Now Type active and Click Enter Key

Step 13: Now Type exit and the Click Enter Key

Step 14: Now your Bootable Pendrive is Ready to Use.

Final Words

I hope this method helps to create a bootable USB Flash Drive on your windows pc this method is only worked on the windows pc this method is not worked Linux and other Operating Systems. one more thing Please share this article and keep your support on my blog.

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