How to Create Responsive Hero Header Section on Blogger Website

hi dudes, welcome to our pixabin blog. let see how to set up a stylish and Responsive Hero Header Section on a blogger or Blogspot Website. 

Hero header is an attractive area on the header section. this feature gives a good impression on your Website. 

This time many WordPress websites use this Hero Header Section. now you can create a stylish hero header section on blogger look likes WordPress Website. you can do this simply in a few minutes. 

Let see some information on the hero header and How to set up this on your blogger website. 

What is Hero Header? 

Hero header is an element that appears below the title of your website or in the Header area. This is what the user will see first on your website. 

By setting this Hero Header on your website your website will create an image as the best website among the users. This will help the user to remember your website.

How its Work? 

The Responsive hero header provided on this website is a combination of CSS and HTML Script. 

Thus the loading speed on your website often does not reach the version. Also included are two buttons. Here are your links.

Responsive Stylish Hero Header for blogger? 

Responsive hero header will automatically resize your website to suit the device the user is using. 

So you can add this to your website without fear. Thus getting the best experience for your users.

👇Preview of Hero Header👇

Pros and Cons on Hero Header? 

This Hero Header is Come With Some Pros and Cons. so you read after using this Hero Header Section. 


This Hero header section brings the best visual layout to your website.

This is the first time users will see this on your website. So you can put all your important links in it.

This makes it more likely that users will remember your website.


Adding this to your website may slow down your website a bit.

 👇Download Link👇 

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How to Setup Hero Header on your blogger Website? 

  • Go to your Blogger Account 
  • Next Section Layout Section
  • After Find Header Section and creating New Javascript Widget
  • Paste Download Script Directly and Click Save Button
  • Now your Hero Header is Ready

 Video Guide 👇 

 Custom Modifications

  1. you have seen two links on my website ( replace your link
  2. If You want to edit text on this hero header Script edit Normally. but do not delete any Script.

 Final words

We are hope this information is helpful to you. If you want more information like this please follow my youtube channel, telegram channel or Google news page. Thank you for Reading...🤗

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