6 Correct ways to charging a mobile Phone

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Usually you will charge your phone when the batteries run out. You may be wondering what is in it. But many of these you never get a chance to know. The battery in your phone is an explosive substance. Properly covered, it will withstand a great deal of adverse conditions. Otherwise it will lose its effectiveness. The main role in this is to charge. Yes, often the main reason for repairing the phone's batteries is that the phone is not charging properly. So in this blog we will see how to charge your phone properly.

Maintain charging level at 10 to 90 Percentage

The batteries in your phone do not work for a lifetime. There is a maneuver method for that. A phone's battery lasts for a lifetime if charged a certain number of times. Therefore, charge your phone only when your phone battery drops below 10% without recharging frequently. If the phone's battery reaches 90% charge, remove the charger without fully charging the phone. Doing so will keep your phone's batteries working for a long time without completing the charging cycle of your phone battery.

Avoid Charging at night time

Many people in the world have a habit of using the phone during the day and charging it all night. This is a very wrong act. It is true that the phone will stop charging as soon as it is fully charged. But it's only a matter of time. If you charge the phone continuously at night like this, the area where the charger stops when the phone is full is more likely to be damaged by continuous use. It is repairable but will not stop charging even if your phone is fully charged. Thus your phone's batteries have a lot of chances to become repaired. So avoid charging your phone at night.

Do not talk on the phone while charging the phone

Many people are talking on the phone while charging your phone. This is a very wrong process. This is because the electrical differences between your phone and the charger while talking on the phone while charging the phone can make your phone's batteries very vulnerable very quickly. This is why phones explode. So do not make phone calls while charging the phone.

Do not charge the phone multiple times

Avoid charging your phone multiple times a day. Usually many people stop and charge the phone while charging. Charging the phone multiple times will reduce the battery life of your phone. As a result, the life of your phone battery will start to decrease quickly. So avoid charging your phone multiple times and leave it charging as long as possible.

Do not use your phone while charging

Many of you will use the phone while charging it. Many people will continue to use the phone as it is by connecting the charger when the phone runs out of charge while playing the game. Charging and using your phone in this way will damage the battery in your phone and the electrical components of the phone. So avoid using your phone while charging.

Use Original Charger on your Phone

Use a separate charger for your phone to charge only. You must use the charger of other phones on your phone. Thus using the charger of other phones on your phone makes your phone battery more vulnerable. This is because only the charger of your phone is compatible with your phone. Other chargers are less likely to be compatible with your phone. Other chargers are unlikely to match your phone's battery voltage. So avoid using other chargers on your phone.

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